About us


RCI is a Center that aims to support all partners involved in order to realize its mission and vision.

  • Mutual policy development and implementation.
  • Develop and maintain regional, national, and international scientific collaborations.
  • Strengthening expertise in infectious diseases to improve patient care, education and research.
  • Promote expertise of RCI on a regional, national and international level.
  • Advocacy of RCI through communication within Radboudumc (Board, Research and education Institutes and departments) as well as outside Radboudumc (Radboud university and governmental institutions).
  • Outreach:
    • The RCI Science Day: all RCI partners convene including PhD students, Post docs, and other professional within RCI. Key note lectures, progress in research, education and care will be presented.
    • The RCI New Year Meeting: as a start for the new year, a concise get together meeting with champagne and ‘oliebollen’ will be held in January, where the award for the best initiative/achievement of the year will be presented.
    • Frontiers in Infectious Diseases Symposium: yearly meeting focussed on a certain theme where latest research achievement are presented by national and international speakers.
    • The RCI Seminars organised four times yearly, whereby a clinical topic is addressed and relevant literature is reviewed.
    • Grant coordination and possibilities for internal reviewing.
    • Recruitment and coaching of high potentials.


The governance structure of RCI is aimed at enabling proactive management with adequate transparency that includes the following:

  • Executive committee (EC): The members of the steering committee meet once quarterly to overview RCI activities:
    • to take care of contacts within and outside Radboudumc.
    • to inform the Board of Radboudumc, Research Council and Education institute and the participating scientists of RCI on matters regarding policy.
    • to set out the strategy of RCI and oversees implementation.
    • to initiate meetings and symposia, such as science days, seminars.
    • to install (ad hoc) committees.
  • The General Council (SC) comprises all Radboudumc RCI partners. Any Radboudumc professionals can apply to the EC for admission to the SC: EC will decide within one month of the application. The SC convenes at least thrice a year to discuss the research strategy for RCI. Meetings are organised in conjuction with micro-symposia.

Executive committee

Prof. dr. M.G. Netea
Prof. dr. H. F.L. Wertheim
Prof. dr M.E.J.L. Hulscher
Dr. J. L.A. Hautvast
Dr. F.L. van de Veerdonk


Executive Committee RCI