Education is a key activity within RCI. Many of the RCI partners are actively involved in infectious disease education. This includes:

  • Infectious diseases and host defense as part of the bachelor for all students Medicine, Biomedical Sciences and Dentistry at Radboud University.
  • Master students Medicine and Bbiomedical Sciences can opt for a range of elective topics including ‘severe infectious Diseases’, ‘Host defense to Infectious disease’, ‘International Public Health’, ‘AIDS’, ‘Neglected Tropical Disease’ etc. For their Master research project, many students are supervised by RCI partners. RCI partners coordinate a number of courses within the Microbiology-track of the Biology MSc program of Radboud University.
  • Starting 2015-16, The Medical Faculty is renewing its curriculum, with infectious disease and host defense as an important component.
  • As one of 3 Dutch Universities, 90 medical students in their final year have the opportunity of a 3-month rotation in hospitals in Ghana, Suriname, Tanzania, Nicaragua or Indonesia, after an intensive preparation in Nijmegen.
  • Clinical training of medical doctors includes specialization in Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (the latter embedded in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics) within Radboudumc. This includes microbiological and molecular diagnostics, clinical consultation, hospital hygiene, antibiotic stewardship, and treatment of patients in the dedicated infectious disease ward.
  • Collaborative infectious disease research of members of RCI with foreign institutes, especially those in low-resource countries, often includes educational activities, like training courses in research methodology, HIV, malaria and antibiotics.
  • A large number of Dutch as well as international PhD students are conducting a PhD in the field of infectious diseases.
  • Members of RCI actively participate in national and international symposia on infectious diseases. In its first year, RCI will organize a specific symposium on ‘Host-directed therapy in Infectious Diseases’ in Nijmegen.
  • Course in fungal diagnostics (Paul Verweij)