Patient care

RCI will provide a platform for centers of clinical excellence accommodating tertiary referrals in infectious diseases and immunodeficiencies (in children and adults), tropical medicine, inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, and transplantation.The following expertise centers at Radboudumc have been recognized by the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centers (NFU):

Antimicrobial stewardship

(prof Dr Kullberg, Prof dr Wertheim, Dr ten Oever, dr S Kuipers, Prof Dr Hulscher, Dr R Bruggeman, Dr van der Vlier)

Auto-inflammatory diseases

(prof Dr M Netea, Dr van der Veerdonk, Dr A Simon, Dr M van Deuren)

Complex orthopedic infections

(Dr W Schreurs, Prof Dr Kullberg, Dr S Kuipers)

Complex vascular infections

(Dr M Warle, Dr Q de Mast, Dr Bleeker)

Fever of unknown origin

(Dr Bleeker)


(Dr R van Crevel, Dr Keuter, Dr Dofferhoff, Prof Dr van der Ven, Prof Dr Burger, Dr Rahamat-Langendoen)

Imaging in infectious diseases

(Prof Dr Dr Bleeker)

Immune deficiencies

(prof Dr M Netea, Dr van der Veerdonk, Dr A Simon, Dr M van Deuren)


(Prof Dr Kulleberg, Dr Terhofstede)

Medical Mycology

(Prof Dr Verweij, Prof Dr Netea, Prof Dr Kullberg, Dr van der Veerdonk, Dr Bruggema, Prof dr Blijlevens, Dr E. Kolwijck)

Radboud Center for Mycobacterial diseases

(Prof Dr van Soolingen, Dr van Crevel, Dr Boeree, Dr Magis, Dr van Ingen, Dr Aarnoutse)

Q fever

(Dr Bleeker)

Tropical infectious diseases

(Prof Dr Sauerwein, Dr de Mast, Dr Keuter, Prof Dr van der Ven, Dr Bousema, Dr koenderink, Dr van Rij, Prof Dr H Wertheim)

Infection prevention

(Prof Dr A Voss, Prof Dr Hulscher, Dr Hopman)

Specialized clinical fascilities are operational to accommodate these patients, such as patients with recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis, HIV infections, Q fever, immunodeficiencies and autoinflammatory conditions, tuberculosis and non-tuberculous mycobacterial infections, Lyme disease, and complex infectious diseases. In the Radboud Travel Clinic, advice and vaccines are given to immune compromised travelers, and ill returning patients are treated.

The Radboudumc has in-patient facilities to admit highly contagious patients with deadly infectious diseases, such as Ebola, and there is a specialized unit for patients with tuberculosis.
In order to contain the problem of rising anti-microbial resistance, an antibiotic stewardship program is operational at Radboudumc which is operated professionals from medical microbiology, internal medicine, pediatrics, and clinical pharmacy .